Fallout 4 looks great streamed on the PS Vita


It’s a shame the PlayStation Vita is nothing more than an afterthought in North America. It has plenty of potential as a handheld system. One company that believes in this is Bethesda, who recently posted an image on Twitter showing Fallout 4 running on the Vita via remote play.

Bethesda mentioned that while PlayStation Vita lacks two shoulder buttons found on the PlayStation 4 controller, it’s not a problem since the handheld has more options, thanks to touch-screen capabilities. It is being handled by John Hamrick, a designer at Bethesda. Hamrick, a former employee at Bungie, was the one responsible for the remote play control scheme for Destiny which was very well done and didn’t take away from the game.

The remote play is a nice addition if you already have a PS4 and Vita. Even if someone is hogging the TV during the holidays, you can still focus on your game.

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