Marvel’s Jessica Jones will stay true to The Purple Man’s dark story

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Warning: This article will be discussing the topic of rape.

When it was announced that Netflix and Marvel were going to produce a Jessica Jones series based on the Alias comic by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, I was interested to see if the show was going to be as dark as the comic it’s based on.

Daredevil, also produced by Marvel and Netflix, surprised many with how dark it went. We had people getting impaled, a criminal being decapitated by a car door, and lots of blood. It’s definitely the most gruesome of the live-action Marvel-produced stories to date. With that said, we know that Marvel and Netflix won’t shy away from graphic violence in their upcoming series, but what about sex and rape?

Alias was printed under Marvel’s MAX imprint and it allowed for R-rated content. Along with violence, we also get sex, rape and adult language like “fuck”. I’m not sure if the show will contain graphic language, but we do know that it will feature rape and sex.

Spoilers below if you haven’t read Alias.

The first time Jessica Jones met Zebediah Killgrave, aka the Purple Man, in the comics, he almost made her strip her clothes in front of him. Later on, he controlled Jessica’s mind for many months. She was forced to serve him, including wearing sexy outfits and making her watch him have sex with college students.



She had a discussion with Luke Cage and said that she was never raped by Killgrave. However, Killgrave did rape other girls in front of her. With that said, there’s one big change in Marvel’s Jessica Jones.

Spoiler warning for the show

The show definitely goes darker than the comic. Jessica Jones has PTSD just like in the comics, but this time it’s mainly due to The Purple Man actually raping her. She has issues, as you can see from the flashbacks and her having a hard time with people.

The Marvel and Netflix show is also about sexuality and consensual sex. Jeri Hogarth, played by Carrie-Anne Moss, has a woman behind her making out with her neck. We also have Luke Cage, played by Mike Colter, having sex with Jessica. She pushes him to go further, and he’s cautious since she may not be able to handle it. (He does have super strength and strong skin after all.)

The show is definitely pushing the boundaries for a Marvel production, and future shows like Iron Fist and The Defenders may feel tame in comparison. The thing is, those types of shows don’t have to be about sexual exploration like Jessica Jones.

It looks like the show so far is doing a good job of covering the topic of rape and how it affects a person afterwards. Will this cause some people to protest? Will some say Marvel and Netflix are going too far with the subject matter? What do you guys think of Marvel and Netflix covering the controversial topic?

Marvel’s Jessica Jones will premiere all 13 one-hour episodes on Netflix November 20th.

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