Jared Leto and Mark Ruffalo tricked us all at New York Comic-Con


Edit: The term “trolling” was referring to tricking the audience and not in any way mean harassing the audience.

It’s pretty well known for actors to dress up in costume to walk the convention floor. Actors have found it difficult to walk around without being constantly bombarded by fans, so they learned to blend in. Matt Smith of Doctor Who fame wore a Bart Simpson mask at San Diego Comic-Con one year and Game of Thrones‘ Maisie Williams walked around in a Spider-Man mask at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con. This year, we had two celebrities who revealed they walked around the convention floor incognito.

Jared Leto, who plays the Joker in the upcoming Suicide Squad, and Avengers’s Mark Ruffalo made a special appearance to this year’s New York Comic-Con in costumes. Leto wore a monkey suit and Ruffalo donned an old man costume.

#NYCC they had no idea 🙂

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Got to hide out and enjoy #comiccon2015

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DC’s anticipated film Batman vs. Superman did not make an appearance at the convention panels, but they still participated in the events. Batman vs. Superman had a LexCorp booth full of free branded cell phone chargers and offered free Wi-Fi to attendees. As for Suicide Squad, the only presence was Leto, but nobody knew about it. Leto posed with Joker cosplayers and posted it later on his social media account.

Ruffalo may or may not have taken photos with fans, but he did enjoy NYCC with his son and thanked the Comic-Con for their hospitality.

Had a great time at #comiccon2015 NYC! Thanks ComicCon for the Hospitality.

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Now we know, if we see a person wearing a mask, we can only suspect it’s a famous celebrity.

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