Hercule goes Super Saiyan in Dragon Ball Super?!


Mr. Satan, or Hercule for those who watched the English dubs on Cartoon Network, has always been a comedic character. The so-called “Savior of the Universe” has been a long-running gag in the Dragon Ball universe for how utterly useless he is, and yet whenever Goku and friend defeat some nefarious villain from some other world, he is always there to swoop in and take all the credit.

In the new series, Dragon Ball Super, a teaser was just released for next week’s episode. In the video, there’s a few quick frames that show a Super Saiyan version of Mr. Satan. Of course, the World’s Martial Arts Champion is not of Saiyan origi,n so it begs the question how did he accomplish this feat? Many fans believe that the clip is actually from a movie in the show which is based on the events of Battle of the Gods retold with Hercule as the main hero, not Goku. Even the character that appears opposite to Hercule looks like an over-the-top version of Beerus, so it does make sense.

You can check out the preview for the next episode in the video below.

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