Dyrus will be leaving Team Solo Mid

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From its conception, Team Solo Mid has been among the top three teams in America for League of Legends. It’s most infamous top laner, Dyrus (Marcus Hill), will not be joining TSM for the upcoming season, according to a quite emotional interview during the group stages at the League of Legends world finals.

While Marcus has been known to become emotional over games in the past, this just shows how much these players have invested into a life of gaming athletics.

Dyrus has played 312 competitive games throughout his impressive career¬†and remains one of the most stable roster players in the game’s competitive history. We’ve seen this guy tear through some of Korea’s finest, as well as Europe’s brightest.

It’s with much sadness and sorrow that I say this, Dyrus will not be returning next season to the competitive League of Legends brackets. We wish the best to Marcus and his future endeavors. Most likely Hearthstone, as we’ve seen with x-league pros in the past.

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