DARPA makes AutoMail a reality: Robotic limb that moves with thought

So DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has managed to not only create a robotic limb that can reactivate the sense of touch to a lost limb, but it also managed to make it so that they respond to thought. It’s basically what every Fullmetal Alchemist fan has dreamed of.

Now to just sever off that pesky fleshy arm!

Now to just sever off that pesky fleshy arm!

However, the really interesting part of the article where this came from is what’s at the bottom:

“Why this isn’t front page news of every paper, website, magazine, or television news show is beyond me.”

That’s pretty puzzling. Here we have possibly one of the biggest medical breakthroughs in history and it’s barely reaching news radar, like it’s a story about Twinkies changing the yellow of the sponge to turquoise.

Guess everyone is too busy watching a guy with a robotic arm getting stepped on by a giant robot.

Source: Social Underground

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