Star Wars: Battlefront Beta shows a hilarious end to Luke Skywalker


EA recently released the beta for Star Wars: Battlefront on current generation consoles and players are already creating lots of memories in-game. If you haven’t played Star Wars: Battlefront before, the original versions of Battlefront were released on PS2 and PC quite some time ago. Just like before, you can join either the Rebel Alliance or the Empire and blast each other all over Hoth to Tatooine; with updated graphics and modules of course.

There’s already a lot of videos online of players doing hilarious things like tea-bagging your opponent, only to be force choked by Vader, and many more. However, there’s one video that was just popped up on radar that shows a player controlling Luke Skywalker and Jedi-bounding across the map. You’d think that just because you’re Luke Skywalker, you’re invincible, right? Well, take a look at the hilarious climax to the video below because if the movies ended this way, I probably would have been laughing my ass off if I saw it in the theaters. Enjoy!

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