Boba Fett to be played by Michael B. Jordan in Star Wars standalone film?

michael b jordan creed boba fett star wars

Okay, here’s a rumor that will definitely get some fans riled up. Director F. Gary Gray has signed up for the Fast & Furious 8, and now we have The Wrap’s Jeff Sneider saying during the Meet the Movie Press vodcast that Gray has had meetings with Lucasfilm. What’s the meeting about? Could he be in talks to direct a standalone Star Wars film that was supposed to be directed by Fantastic Four’s Josh Trank? Or possibly a new Indiana Jones movie?

In addition to the rumor, Sneider thinks that Boba Fett will be “African-American”, with rumor that Michael B. Jordan is going to be a contender. So why a black director? He thinks that Walt Disney Studios is trying really hard to look for a director who isn’t white and male to meet some kind of diversity quota.

We’ve already seen Marvel Studios looking for a black director to helm Black Panther and Warner Bros. looking for a female director for Wonder Woman.

Check out the vodcast below.

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