Next Street Fighter V beta test coming later in October

street fighter v vega

Capcom revealed that the second Street Fighter V beta test would be held from October 22nd (Thursday) until October 25th (Sunday) for all regions. This Beta test will be different from the first one held a little over a month ago, since it will test some of the game’s new features and characters.

Ryu, Cammy, Birdie, Bison and Chun-Li won’t be playable in this version. Instead players will be able to select from the newer character reveals like Ken, Necalli, Vega, and R. Mika. In this build, two more characters are going to be added via Capcom’s content delivery service, and they are Rashid, who will become available on the beta’s second day (Oct. 23rd), followed by Karin, who will be available on day 3 (Oct. 24th).

In Street Fighter V, players will be able to purchase in-game content and characters with both real money and Fight Money, which you can earn in the game. The first Beta rewarded players with Fight Money which wasn’t usable, but in the second Beta test players will be able to purchase titles and possibly a new stage (Kanzuki Estate stage). It should be noted though that nothing bought will carry over if there is another beta test nor to the final version of the game.

The Street Fighter V Beta test will also test out the cross-platform play between the PlayStation 4 and PC for the first time, with PC users being able to access the Beta on October 24th (Saturday). Both versions will include a ranked matchmaking, where players will be able to play against other players in your level. As you progress and do better, it will pair you with stronger opponents. The system will also include an online leaderboard and a search function to keep tabs on your favorite players.

Finally for players taking part in the second beta test on the PlayStation 4, they will receive the next batch of Ultra Street Fighter IV Halloween-themed costumes. The costumes include Frankenstein Cody, Mime Abel, Grimm Reaper Gen, Zombie Nurse Poison and more.

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