Katrina Law: ‘I know Elektra is Greek, but I could have pulled it off’

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Photo by Brandin Shaeffer

I had the amazing pleasure of talking to one of Hollywood’s most beautiful ass-kicking ladies, Katrina Law. I only knew of Katrina on what I have seen from following her on social media and her roles on Starz’ Spartacus and the CW’s Arrow where she plays the daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, Nyssa. I was a little more nervous than usual in these types of interviews, but Katrina quickly remedied that by being super charming, and very open about a wide variety of topics including how close she got to playing Elektra in the new Daredevil series, her thoughts on ‘typecasting’ in the acting world, and her decision to do nudity in Spartacus.

Back in May, we made a list of our Top 5 Actresses who should play Elektra in the new Daredevil series. We here at Nerd Reactor and forums all over the internet had Katrina Law ranked as a top choice for the role, so we asked her: Were there ever serious talks about you to actually playing Elektra? “No, wasn’t even allowed to audition for it.” She was not sure exactly why she could not audition, but she added, “I think the girl that they cast looks really cool, I’m hoping that she does a great job, because I love Daredevil.” It’s sad that she was unable to pursue the role of Elektra in Daredevil from a fan’s perspective, but I wanted to see if her interest in playing the character existed to begin with: “Oh yeah of course! Who doesn’t want to be Elektra? There are definitely roles out there where you go ‘Ohh!’ Especially for someone who has Asian heritage, there are very few roles out there for that type of person in the [comic book] world… Psylocke and Elektra are pretty close. I know Elektra is Greek, but I could have pulled it off.”

Her first role as told by imdb was as ‘Teen Girl’ in the John Travolta film Lucky Numbers. We talked about the persistence it took to land just that small role and how it was the experience in her life that pushed her towards acting as a career. Her career has come such a long way, going from a teen screaming at John Travolta to being one of the marquee action actresses. “Most of it comes from being a dancer. I’ve been dancing since I was three, so picking up fight choreography is very similar to dance choreography… you have to have a little bit of coordination with your body so that was very easy for me, and I do have a black belt in tae kwon do, but I feel like tae kwon do was easy because of my dance as well.” In her latest film Death Valley, we get to see a different side of Katrina where there is less emphasis on action. I asked if it is a relief to try something different. “I’m never going to complain about getting typecast, because that means I’m being cast and that means I’m working. I will always be thankful for that. Luckily for me when I am typecast it is for the badass female roles and I want those forever because they are fun.”

Hearing that she was dancing since she was three and a had black belt in tae kwon do, I wanted to ask her about her upbringing a little bit and the support she received growing up from her parents. “[My Parents] had this policy where they would not buy me gifts, other than the essentials… but what they would do is pay for experiences. So if I said, “I want guitar lessons.” They would have no issues paying for guitar lessons as long as I studied and practiced”. In our conversation she also mentioned that her family is very active in her life in making sure she is okay. I was curious how they felt about some of Katrina’s more risqué photo shoots and even nudity in Spartacus. “I did ask permission from my parents, and also my fiancé at the time, asking them if I did this would they disown me. And all three of them said, “No we love you and support you. If this is something you are willing to do and you are proud of it, doing it for the right reasons, then you are a grown woman you can do what you want”. She continued, “I did warn them not to watch those episodes because that would be awkward.” I wanted to know if she had any regrets about decisions she has made in the industry with regards to nudity and if it’s something she is still open to in her career. “Feel like the reason that Spartacus struck me as cool is because I got to see episodes before I signed on so I knew how beautifully it was shot. So I trusted that they were going to protect me and make me look as good as possible… Also the amount of penises shown on Spartacus was pretty much equal to the amount of ‘boobage’… so I feel that if it’s equal opportunity I’m down, but when it comes to a woman walking around naked while a man is in a three-piece suit, I find that offensive. Fair is fair so if everybody is doing it. It’s cool, but if it’s just the woman being exposed and objectified then no.”

It was a pleasure getting to pick the brain of such a talented actress whose biggest roles are clearly still ahead of her. She is very much an actress that thrives on interaction with her fans. If you appreciate her work, do yourself a favor and follow her on Twitter (@katrinalaw). Most importantly you do not want to miss her as Annie Gunn in her most recent film project Death Valley.

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