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By Jes Vu

It makes me a little sad that the series is almost over when it’s just getting more exciting. In the beginning of the series, our characters were sporadically separated. But now as we get closer and closer to the finale, we’re seeing more and more paths connect with our Big Bad at the end of the road.

Seth Gecko—Traitor?

The main question: Where does Seth’s loyalties lie? Because at Jacknife Jed’s, Seth proposes a trade to Malvado: 10 million for Santanico Pandemonium. Seth hates Santanico, but the question becomes—is he willing to betray his own brother to do so?

Kate’s Choice

Having hidden all night in Occulto’s wine cellar, Kate and Freddie make their way out only to find that Occulto’s guard is still alive. Fortunately, he’s on their side and insists that Freddie is the so-called “peacekeeper” to Occulto’s prophecy.

However, the trio is ambushed by Carlos and Scott who demand the oil bonds. Occulto’s guard dies protecting them as Freddie and Kate lock themselves in the cellar again. Finding a backdoor, they escape with Scott trailing behind. Carlos, however, discovers one of Occulto’s blood barrels (with blood from Occulto’s well) and becomes so consumed that he drinks the whole barrel. It’s almost disturbing how addicted he gets to it considering he’s basically drinking the pain and suffering of 1000 souls.

Despite managing to escape, Kate betrays Freddie. Threatening him with a gun, she demands the bonds. Despite her earlier convictions, she still wants to help her brother, believing the prophecy will not only satiate his bloodlust, but his need to kill. With no choice, Freddie hands her the bonds.

Kate runs back to Scott to give him the bonds. She wants to help him as long as Freddie is spared and she can go with him and Carlos. Scott is reluctant to believe her and despite it all, is concerned with her safety around Carlos. Scott is convinced, however, when she tells him she trusts he’ll protect her.

Kate and Scott are one of my favorite relationships in the series, and I love the fact they parallel to Gecko brothers’s relationship while still remaining distinct. After all, Seth and Kate lost everything with their brothers becoming culebras yet simultaneously, Richie and Scott found themselves empowered by their new transformation.

The Fuller sibling’s relationship also reminds me of the Geckos’s codependency on each other. However, with the Fuller siblings, it’s much darker. A big question all season has been how far will Kate go to save her brother? She’s helped Scott bury her friend’s body and even betrayed Freddie. She’s so consumed by fulfilling her father’s promise and her need to cling to the only family she has left. “You need each other,” her father had said, and it’s obviously mutual when Scott willingly lets her join him, moved by her assurance that he’ll protect her. It’s heartbreakingly touching, yet also very toxic. Will Kate save her brother at the cost of her own soul? Will Scott prove Kate right and protect her in the end? As Seth once said about Richie, “He’s all I got.” For Kate to Scott, that is very much the case. I only hope they make it out alive because these two are simply made for tragedy.

Can’t we all just get along?

Richie is furious at Santanico’s confrontation with Sonja. Seth’s dropped out of their plans and by extension, they’ve lost Eddie’s plans. Stabbing at his inferiority complex with Seth, Santanico convinces Richie to steal Eddie’s plans instead.

I love though that despite Seth’s hatred for Santanico, it doesn’t blind him of her abilities. He confronts Sonja on her secrets. Sonja reveals she had score with a man named Clayton, whom she ditched. It’s too simple, too anti-climatic that I’m not fully convinced by her earlier overt shadiness. And while I love her personality and attitude, Sonja still feels disconnected from the rest of the show—she still feels like prop for a bigger purpose.

Either way, having retracting his involvement with the plan against Malvado, Seth tries to convince his uncle to do the same. Frustrated with his nephew, Uncle Eddie locks the suitcase (with the plans) within Seth’s sight.

After Seth leaves, Santanico and Richie arrive to steal Uncle Eddie’s plans. Santanico distracts him, but Uncle Eddie catches Richie in the act. However, the suitcase is gone and in a convenient and timely appearance, Sonja confirms Seth has stolen it. Richie immediately tracks Seth, confronts him on his hatred toward Santanico before he overpowers his brother and takes back the suitcase.

With it retrieved, Uncle Eddie and Richie scout Jacknife Jed’s. During a heartfelt moment, Eddie reminds Richie he needs his brother. In the meanwhile, Seth confronts Santanico, but before they fight, Richie and Uncle Eddie disrupt them. Richie and Seth enter an altercation before Uncle Eddie breaks them up and scolds them.

Unfortunately, The Regulator arrives (in all of Danny Trejo’s glory) and attacks. Through his arrival, Uncle Eddie discovers Santanico and Richie’s vampiric nature. Yet The Regulator easily overpowers them until Seth shoots The Regulator with his own weapon. Uncle Eddie attempts to hold The Regulator down, but is thrown back and pierced by a saw. Having been shot by his own weapon, The Regulator dies.

Even though it was inevitable, I’m a little sad we won’t see The Regulator again. His only purpose may just have been an obstacle to our protagonists, he was a lot of fun in all his cheesy and badass glory. And who doesn’t like Danny Trejo?

Unfortunately, The Regulator isn’t the only one to meet his end. In his final moments, Uncle Eddie makes Seth and Richie promise to take care of each other before he dies. The group holds a private funeral and vows to kill and rob Malvado for Uncle Eddie. Even though Eddie was basically set up to bring the brothers together again, it was nice for the writers to subtly explore his character. And Jeff Fahey has not only been entertaining, but has been great in showcasing the nuances to Uncle Eddie’s character that he didn’t feel so distant to the rest of the show. His presence will certainly be missed.

Deal with the Devil

Returning back to the beginning of the episode, Malvado is convinced of Seth’s story and willingness to betray his brother. However, he isn’t convinced Seth has Santanico. One of Seth’s men, Larry, provides the proof: Santanico’s bloodied shirt. Persuaded, Malvado agrees.

Seth leaves with Larry who reveals to be Richie. Seth’s betrayal was a ruse to Malvado and is simply part of Eddie’s plans all along. In the end, Uncle Eddie did bring the brothers back together again.

Other Notes

  • “This is some serious b-movie shit.”: I am such a sucker for meta. So Uncle Eddie/Jeff Fahey definitely won for best lines in the episode.
  • “There’s where I know you from. Jesus Christ, you got the same name as that chick in that famous Mexican horror flick.” More gold from Uncle Eddie to Santanico. You don’t fool me, From Dusk Till Dawn writers.
  • Seth and Richie are the twins from Aztec legend. Freddie is the Peacekeeper. So do the others have a role as well?
  • Was that a picture of James Remar in a photo of the older generation Gecko brothers?

What did you think of the episode? Do you believe Kate will be able to make it out and save her brother? Will the Gecko brothers’s alliance last this time around?


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