Koei Tecmo is interested in Star Wars-style Dynasty Warriors game

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During the Dengeki PlayStation’s 600th issue Q&A session, a few key members of the Koei Tecmo team were asked a few questions, including Yosuke Hayashi, the head of Team Ninja about a new Ninja Gaiden game. Yosuke confirmed that there are plans for a new Ninja Gaiden title; however, because the team is so busy working on different projects it’s not something happening anytime soon.

Koei Tecmo producer Hisashi Koinuma was asked what new property would like he see worked on in the future as a Musou (Dynasty Warriors). His answer was short and sweet, “Star Wars.” Star Wars is very popular in Japan and so is the Musou series, so it would make sense to see the two come together. While this doesn’t mean that there have been talks with Disney about creating a Star Wars Jedi Warriors game, it’s something I am sure everyone would like to see. Team Omega Force has done an amazing job branching out their Dynasty Warriors series to other properties including Legend of Zelda, First of the North Star, Gundam, One Piece and most recently Dragon Quest.

Hisashi Koinuma was also asked if there would be an Atelier-style Musou game which he responded that it could happen if there is enough fan demands.

Source: Blog.Esturu

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