WWE Total Divas’ Ariane Andrew interview, spreading awareness about cyberbullying

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Bullying and cyber bullying is a real thing. You’re not alone. Many people are going through the same things as you. I spoke with WWE Total Divas’ Ariane Andrew about cyberbullying and her past experiences as well as the release of her new lyric video, “Wrong Number.”

Here is the complete interview:

NR: First off, I want to tell you that I love you as a role model. I love your personality, and I love that you’re such a hard worker. And you’re relationship with Vince is awesome. You’re becoming such a great model not to just me but to everyone else as well.

AA: Oh, thank you. I appreciate you for saying that. That means a lot to me.

NR: Speaking of being a role model, you released this new song about cyber bullying called, “Wrong Number” How exciting is that for you?

AA: It’s really exciting for me just because I’m happy to be able to use my platform to do something positive. I interact a lot with my fans, and I get a lot of their stories about what they’ve gone through. And for me, I been bullied before; just being that underdog. And it’s like I wanted to use my platform to be someone who was an underdog. I wanted to represent all the underdogs out there. Cyberbullying is huge; don’t just let anyone ever tell you that you’re not pretty/handsome enough, smart enough, or tough enough to do anything, because if you really want something the sky has no limits. So, I’m really excited to release that campaign just because it’s my creative way to give back to my fans and for people who do experience cyberbullying and bullying in general.

NR: How difficult was that for you to go through bullying in your past?

AA: It was very difficult just because the things I always wanted to do growing up was frowned upon. I have one story I remember, and it may sound really hard to believe, but I remember I was in 6th grade, and I really loved basketball. I was a tomboy so, I was really into Jordans [shoes], And 1 shirts, and things you can get with the boys. It’s kind of hard to believe that people now are like, “No way” because I transformed into a “woman.” And I remember I would used to always get picked on; I couldn’t hang out with the girls. I couldn’t sit with the girls just because it was like I was different. Do you know what I mean?

NR: Yes!

AA: But what’s different? To me, what was it that made me different? Just because I dress differently? Or because I’m not wearing mascara? You know, it’s like everyone is from this earth and they’re their own unique way. If we all talk the same, walk the same, look the same, the world would be so boring.

NR: Right!

AA: And that’s just one scenario. I’m just throwing the little small scenarios.

NR: I totally agree! I don’t think a lot of people even know how serious cyberbullying is nowadays.

AA: Exactly!

NR: What can you recommend to someone who wants to seek help?

AA: For me, I have on my website, www.ArianeAndrewNow.com. I have ways there on how they can join the movement, and how they can share their stories. Obviously, I know I’m not a psychiatrist, but I do get stuff like where people would say they want to commit suicide. “But you doing something like this has helped me transform, and you give me the strength to do things.” Cyberbullying is such a huge thing where people do commit suicide and people really do suffer from this. Social media has become a platform to become so negative instead of something positive. Instead of uplifting people, it’s become a place where people put the meanest things ever. I had a picture with my little sister, and just the things they were saying… I’m just saying, “It’s my page. You can say what you want about me.” But it’s my little sister, and at that time she’s 8 years old, and [she] has an Instagram. If she’s reading those comments, you can only think what that does to a child who’s not used to being in the “limelight,” who just goes to school normally and has never witnessed that. It has become so big [social media].

NR: Exactly.

AA: Even with me having a platform and being in the limelight, the stuff I get on my social media, I’m not even going to say because I just feel like it’s so inappropriate. But it’s just like, “Wow.” I’m not superhuman. So even with me, sometimes the things I got, I’m just like, “Wow, that’s really hurtful,” I can’t believe someone took the time out of their day to write something so evil.

NR: Yes! I definitely think nowadays with the social media era in wrestling, and today’s society, it is more pronounced now than 5 or 10 years ago.

AA: I agree, just because back then social media wasn’t so huge. Yeah, you can have people that may say stuff to your face, but now it’s a lot easier because someone can hide behind their computer; they’re not face-to-face. It’s always easier to say something when you can’t physically see somebody, compared to when you’re face-to-face to them. 9 times out of 10 most people are not going to say what they actually feel to your face. So, it is very difficult. I’m just happy that I’m able to do the best that I can possibly do with what I’m given and trying to spread a positive message.

NR: I wanted to go back to your lyric video. If someone saw your video for the first time, what message would you want them to take?

AA: The message that I hope they would take out of it is obviously… it’s not a lyric video where you look at it, and it’s like, “Don’t do this!” I didn’t want to make it that way just because with it being the new day in age, and with it being 2015, you just have to find creative ways to express the message or people are just not going to listen, you know? So, I just wanted to make it as creative as I could with the meme; it’s a little sassy with my personality. The whole message is if you’re not about positivity then you have the “Wrong Number.” So, pretty much if you’re not a positive person, then you just need to back away. For every hater there is a believer. My whole quote for this lyric/song video is, “For every hater there is a believer, and if you’re not about positivity then you have the ‘Wrong Number.” If anything, I mean I know it doesn’t say my whole motto but…

NR: No, it does.

AA: If you do watch it and you listen to the lyrics then you can take that from that. It’s about spreading love over hate.

NR: I thought the lyric video was very entertaining. You’re such a strong advocate of anti-bullying and its awareness. Just in general with you being a WWE Diva, you took a back seat with NXT, and you worked your way back up. I think it’s very inspirational to me and to others as well, especially to others who are going through what some of the things you went through and who really look up to you. It is very inspiring to follow your career.

AA: I appreciate that, it means a lot.

NR: No problem. I follow a lot of your stories and it’s very real, and a lot of people can connect to that because a lot of people who are suffering from bullying can connect with you and seek help even when they can’t help themselves.

AA: I wish I can change the world but I know I can’t. My whole thing was out of this whole campaign, at the end of the day, it’s not even about the music. It’s about the message. So, if I’m able to touch one person’s heart and give them more strength to be able to be like, “I can do this,” then I feel like I done a great job delivering a positive message.


If you’re a victim of cyberbullying/bullying, spread the awareness, join Ariane’s campaign, and check out her lyric video below:


Source and Photo Credits: ArianeAndrewNow

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