Joe Robert Cole closing in on deal to write ‘Marvel’s Black Panther’


With F. Gary Gray passing on the opportunity to direct Black Panther, Marvel has decided to change course and work on a script before locking in on a director.

That’s why Marvel is working on a deal with Joe Robert Cole (FX’s “American Crime Story”) to write the Black Panther script. Cole has been a part of Marvel’s in-house writer’s program which also gave us Guardians of the Galaxy/Captain Marvel‘s screenwriter Nicole Perlman.

The decision to finish the script before getting a director stemmed from the Ava DuVernay passing on the film. Thus, there are no other contenders out there for the directorial gig. Theoretically, with Fast and Furious 8 and Black Panther releasing a year apart, it could be possible for Gray to work on both projects. However, it would be extremely difficult to him focus on two tentpole at the same time.

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Black Panther rules theaters on July 6, 2018.

Source: The Wrap

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