Pro gamer Alex Myers: ‘I want to focus on Street Fighter V’


We had an opportunity to meet and interview Alex Myers, one of the top American Pro Street Fighter players, at TwitchCon in San Francisco a few weeks ago. We met and were able to play four or five matches of Street Fighter V together. We then stepped aside for an interview to get his thoughts about the new Street Fighter V. Having played earlier versions of SFV, Myers tells us that the game is continuously getting better:

“Right Now? I like the pace of it. They are speeding it up. In the beginning it was really slow, like the walk speeds I felt like I was playing a turtle. Now it’s a lot faster.. it looks a lot better, a lot cleaner.”

With Alex being such a high-level Street Fighter 4 player, I was curious as to what his future is going to look like when Street Fighter 5 comes out. Would he just abandon SF4 when SF5 launches?

“As long as there are tournaments, I’ll probably play Street Fighter IV, but I want to focus more on Street Fighter V because that’s where the money will be.”

It’s easy to realize that from a casual perspective, playing the new Street Fighter V characters is a very different experience then when Alex is playing the new characters. He is looking at things on a higher level of depth and analysis. I asked him which characters he thinks are the best so far in Street Fighter V.

“I feel like after playing someone with R. Mika, she is really good right now. A lot of her combos do a lot of damage, Karen seems really good, she is really fast. Those are the two I am looking at the most right now… Rasheed is really fast too, I think a lot of the new characters are going to surprise people because they are really fast, really strong, nobody is going to know what to do at first.”

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To hear our entire interview with Alex:

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