Star Wars Rebels characters may appear in live-action Star Wars films


Probably one of the best parts of Disney acquiring the Star Wars franchise was that from here on out, anything released with the Star Wars name on it will now be canon. For quite some time, many fans were confused on what was considered canon and what wasn’t with all the books, comics and video games that expanded the universe. Since the acquisition of Lucasfilm, Disney has bestowed the task of keeping the Star Wars universe in sync with Star Wars Story Group.

Recently, Star Wars Rebels producer Simon Kinberg was asked if there was a chance that the stars from the animated series could end up in any of the live-action films.

“There’s certainly potential for it. And as a fan of everything that Lucasfilm’s doing, it’d be fun to see different characters pop up across different stories, but the thing we’re really focused on is just making sure there is real continuity, that it is a unified universe from a story perspective, where anything that happens in Rebels is canon, in the same way as the original movies or prequels, the Clone Wars, and the movies going forward. There’s just a lot of care that’s taken to make sure that whatever happens in whatever different story right now is acknowledged, and that it actually feels like a coherent world or galaxy.”

If you are unfamiliar with the series, many well-known Star Wars characters reappear in the show. Both Billy Dee-Williams and James Earl Jones have returned to voice their respective roles. Considering the number of characters that Rebels has brought onto the show from the live-action movies, Kinberg believes that it is possible that the animated characters could crossover, and they have discussed the idea.

“The idea of characters actually popping up or transferring from animation to live-action and live-action to animation, we’re obviously open to because we have a lot of characters from the original movie and actually prequels who pop up in Rebels as substantial characters. That was true in the first season and will continue to be true in the second season, I’d say. Our second season is more Clone Wars, but there are lots of characters from the original movies too, like Vader, who will be a big part of the show now. So we’ve talked about it, and the Lucasfilm folks are–I’ve never seen anything like it, where they’re so good at telling story over not just different media, but completely different worlds.”

Which animated character would you like to see make an appearance in the live-action films? Let us know in the comments below.

Star Wars Rebels returns October 14 at 9:30 pm on Disney XD.

Source: Nerdist

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