Live-action Blade of the Immortal coming to big screen

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Blade of the Immortal is going to be on the big screen, and they have just announced who will be playing the lead role, Manji, and the director. The director is none other than Takashi Miike. If you are not familiar with the name, then maybe you’re familiar with his work, Ichi the Killer. It is another manga turned movie which he directed. He is known for his excess gore in his films, so don’t expect that to change for this movie.

As for the lead role of Manji, it will be Takuya Kimura, or otherwise known as Kimutaku, in Japan. Before becoming a star on the small screen, he was a member of SMAP, a Japanese boy band, for 27 years. It was Miike who personally selected Kimutaku as Manji, so the director has faith in his acting skills.

Blade of the Immortal, or Mugen no Juunin in Japan, is about a cursed Samurai named Manji. He is cursed with immortality and has vowed to kill 1,000 evil men to regain his mortality. That’s the short version of it but if you want to read more, Dark Horse comics is the distributor for the US.

With Miike in charge, you can expect this to be one very bloody film. This film is going to be released in Japan in 2017, but no word on an international release.

Source: RocketNews24

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