Smite Down: Sol! Hot as the sun


Another goddess will soon be on the battlefield in the latest update to Smite. Sol, the Norse goddess of the sun, is set to eviscerate her opponents with her flame abilities. Her look is straight out of a Fantastic Four comic with her fiery skin, and has a voice pack of a playful Nordic accent that really brings the character to life.

Sol may be appealing to the eyes and ears, but it’s her move set that will get players interested. Her passive allows her to get stronger and faster as she lands basic attacks, and along with a healing ability, she has an AOE with the capability to slow an enemy. Sol’s ultimate brings the power of the sun down to earth as she rain fire from the sky upon her foes, knocking them back in the process.

She is another ranged mage that looks to bring the burn, but she doesn’t come alone. In Smite‘s upcoming patch, a Halloween theme will drape the arena, complete with new minions and tombstones when enemies die. The Solar Flare patch will hit the masses October 6th. For more information and details check out the video below.


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