Sen’s iPhone 6s first impressions


Recently, I purchased the new IPhone 6s just a week after its initial release date. I was a little skeptical at first; thinking that it might be hard to purchase one after record-breaking numbers from Apple. After playing with it and testing it out for a few days, I must say it’s the best phone I ever had. Period. The camera alone is worth the price of admission. I was hooked on this phone from the get-go and I’m never letting it go.


Although, the only way to truly distinguish this iPhone from all the other iPhones is the metallic rose gold color. The regular black and space grey still proves to me that this is the top choice of color. The space grey on the back of the phone is extremely appealing. The color shines bright; it definitely pops as if it could be passed as a new metallic silver color. The now signature-curved edges makes it feel like you’re not holding the corner of a small rectangular desk. From all angles the phone looks and feels sophisticated.

Form Factor

It just feels good in your hands. The phone is not heavy at all, but it’s not light at the same time which is a nice thing, considering the iPhone 6 just felt a little too light for me. It was easier for me to drop it if I wasn’t paying attention to how I was holding it. It really feels like you’re holding a very expensive piece of technology with the new iPhone 6s.



I can’t say enough about the camera. I do a lot of video work on the side, and when I don’t, I still appreciate the craftsmanship on how Apple assembled this phone. Although, the camera still slightly sticks out from the phone, it is still nice to look at from the exterior. With a whopping 12 megapixels, this iPhone is a beast. The camera focuses much more efficiently than its previous processors. And when you carefully take a close-shot, the camera really shines bright as the star in this new generation of iPhones. That’s not even mentioning the upgrade from 1.3 megapixels on previous iPhones to 5 megapixels on this iPhone. Let’s face it, Apple loves selfies and I’m a selfie-whore. It takes selfies beautifully from the front facing camera. There is even a flash option now for the front camera. I would imagine upgrading from the iPhone 6 to the 6s makes more sense this year than previous year-to-year upgrades, just because of people’s love of selfies.

This was my take and reaction to the iPhone 6s. What other things appealed to you? And what are things Apple are still missing from this phone?

Let us know on the comments below on what your first impressions of the iPhone 6s.


Photo Credits: Apple

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