Disney Playmation Starter Pack – Iron Man edition review


Growing up, I loved pretending I was my favorite cartoon/comic book hero fighting evil and saving the world while running all over the place. I remember even taking a box of cereal and wearing it, calling it my Iron Man gauntlet and making funny sounds pretending I was shooting beams. It’s fun remembering how far your imagination could take you. Times have changed and we see kids’ imaginations focused on playing video games or playing with their phones or tablets.


Meet Disney’s Playmation, developed by Hasbro, which was revealed back in June. Playmation lets your imagination run free as you become a member of the Avengers equipped with a replica version of Tony Stark’s Iron Man Repulsor Gear, which I like to call the gauntlet. You are given missions to take down evil villains and to train with other members of the Avengers.

What’s fun about Disney’s Playmation is how simple it is to use. With the Iron Man Starter Pack, you are aided by “Just A Rather Very Intelligent System”, better known as J.A.R.V.I.S., who will navigate you on how to use your new power to fight against the forces of evil and also connects you to members of the Avengers who will give you missions as you connect your two power activators that come in the box, along with two figures.


The first thing I recommend is to purchase plenty of rechargeable batteries. Playing with the gauntlet is extremely fun and a bit addicting. After opening the box, I wore the gauntlet and couldn’t stop shooting things and people for fun, mainly just to hear the sounds and feel the feedback. I went over to my friend’s house as we went to pick up our weekly comic books and felt more cool wearing an Iron Man shirt and helmet. Both the Repulsor Gear and activators run on four AA batteries, and while my gear has still yet to power off, I don’t feel like buying plenty of batteries in the future.


Let’s take a look at the Repulsor Gear first. It’s very light, and thanks to the dial on the back, it is very easy to fit on any arm size. After turning it on, there are three different ways to activate your new powers. First, a thumb trigger lets you shoot quick bursts of energy, with the side panels lighting up and the gear rumbling. You can also hold the triangle button on the top to charge your blasts; releasing it will cause a stronger feedback as you shoot a stronger blast. But if you really want the Iron Man experience, raising your palm up charges the Repulsor Blast, and pushing forward releases the charged energy.

As you play J.A.R.V.I.S.’s preset messages, which will happen quite often with missions and messages from the Avengers, you may turn on the activators and sync them with the button under the dial to unlock a few mini-games to play.


The Repulsor Gear alone is a lot of fun by itself, but with the two power activators and figures, you unlock a whole different way to play. By connecting a character to the activator, you are given a scenario where you are either fighting an enemy or training with an Avengers. Using your imagination, you must jump, dodge and run around, with your objective being to hit the power activator at certain moments. The whole experience lets you pretend you are in the middle of a battle against a powerful enemy with J.A.R.V.I.S. at your side.

Disney Playmation is great for everyone, no matter your age. There are dozens of ways to play, including multiplayer games with the downloadable AvengersNet app for both iOS and Android devices. I’m actually pretty excited for the new releases including the Hulk hands and Star Wars Playmation line.

The Disney Playmation Starter Pack was possible thanks to a review unit from Disney.

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