Videogame BANG! Episode 103: #PodcastDay w/ Gamertag Radio’s Danny Peña

videogame bang

What’s up, Pizzas’?! Episode 103 is here and it is a podcaster’s dream because we have the “Podfather” of video game podcasting, Danny Peña, AKA Godfree, from the Gamertag Radio Podcast. Danny hangs out with the BANG GANG! for the entire show and he is talking about what it’s like to be podcasting for 10 years. He is dropping, dropping, dropping podcast science, and dropping history with a whole leap of style and intelligence.

Also on the show is Steven Goots, David Webb, Aaron Carter and myself, Cory Vincent. We do whattcha playin’ and celebrate International Podcast Day with Godfree.. what are you waiting for?! PRESS PLAY!

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Special thanks to Corsair Gaming

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