Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S3 E1 ‘Laws of Nature’ Recap

**Caution! The following recap contains spoilers. If you do not want to know what happens before you watch it yourself, turn back now.** The first episode of the third season

What we learned from the 2015 Google Nexus Event

Google officially announced its new line of products yesterday. Although none of it may have been too much of a surprise due to leaks, it is still good to see

Season finale of Geeks Who Drink will air October 1st on Syfy

On the season finale of Geeks Who Drink, host and executive producer Zachary Levi hopes to end the exciting and original first season with a bang! We’ll get to see actress and

Closer look at Matthew Willig as Lash on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

With tonight’s episode of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” we got our first look of Matthew Willig as the Inhuman Lash. Now, we have a clear, hi-res picture of the deadly

Blacked Out: Discussing cosplay and ‘blackface’

By Matthew “Maguma” Lewis In the cosplay community, there have been many issues of controversy that have been discussed. Some of them are ethical in how a cosplayer conducts their

Ridley Scott says Alien: Paradise Lost is inspired by handsome guy getting girls and average guy staying home

The sequel to Prometheus is Alien: Paradise Lost, and director Ridley Scott mentioned that Milton’s Paradise Lost was an inspiration. Why was it an inspiration? Apparently it has a handsome

X-Files revival gets a new and lengthy trailer

Fans who attend New York Comic Con on October 10th will get a chance to watch the pilot episode of The X-Files revival. (Lucky bastards!) Before then, we are treated

Nat Wolff to star in live-action Death Note as Light Yagami character

Death Note started out as a manga, and it has been adapted as a live-action Japanese movie series and an anime series. The live-action US version is currently in the

International Jungle Book trailer features sinister Russian voice actress for Kaa

The first trailer for The Jungle Book was released and prominently featured Scarlett Johansson doing the voice of the evil snake Kaa. Now we have a new international trailer made for

TwitchCon 2015: Knights of the Fallen Empire is pretty much Star Wars KOTOR 3

TwitchCon had its convention debut last weekend in San Francisco, CA, and although the event itself had a definite identity crisis, there was a small selection of game developers on

Pokémon TCG: XY-BREAKthrough arrives November 4 with new evolution mode

November 4th marks the release of the next Pokémon Trading Card Game booster pack,  XY—BREAKthrough. Featuring over 160 new cards, the set introduces a brand-new evolutionary mode known as ‘BREAK Evolution’. It

Heroes of Loot: Shooting dungeon exploring comes to the PS Vita

By Xchel Monroy Dungeon crawling with shooting mechanics… sounds great, right? Well, this popular mobile game is being brought to the PS Vita. It’s called Heroes of Loot, created by a

PewDiePie announces tour dates for This Book Loves You

Pewds has announced the dates for the upcoming book tour for This Book Loves You. The Youtube star will release his first book next month and will visit several cities

TwitchCon 2015: New features coming to XSplit

XSplit is one of the leading resources for streamers to be able to easily and professionally stream and take their channels to the next level. After talking to the CEO

Netflix streaming removals and additions for October 2015

Every month contracts that Netflix has with certain movie studios and television networks end and programming is removed from its streaming service as a result. The silver lining is that

Downton Abbey – Star Wars mashup is REAL and brilliant

Actor Rob James-Collier promised to make a Star Wars-Downton Abbey mash-up if he was able to raise £10,000 for Chilterns MS Centre. Fans went above and beyond and donated over £15,000

‘Beat’ Takeshi joins Yakuza 6

If you love Japanese gangster (Yakuza) flicks, then this name should be very familiar to you. If you don’t watch those kinds of movies, maybe you’ve seen Battle Royale and

Avengers: Age of Latinos (parody trailer)

The Avengers is a superhero team that unites when the world is in danger. It’s made up of mainly white people, but what if we lived in an alternate Marvel

Maestro! – LA EigaFest Review

There’s something about films that inspires people. Top Gun inspired a generation of fighter pilots, Chef did the same for culinary chefs. Shotaro Kobayashi’s Maestro! is the type of film

PewDiePie to appear on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

YouTube’s number one star has been busy as of late. The Swedish vlogger has been filming a secret project in Los Angeles and just released his game, PewDiePie: Legend of the Brofist,