Yes, Mass Effect is coming to a U.S. theme park

mass effect theme park

It’s definitely an exciting time for fans of sci-fi video games, movies and theme parks. Disney has revealed that a Star Wars-themed land will be headed to Disneyland, and Ubisoft will be working on its own theme park in Malaysia. Next up we have BioWare revealing that a Mass Effect-themed attraction is headed to a California theme park.

The Mass Effect ride will be located in Santa Clara at California’s Great America (near San Jose) and will premiere in 2016. It will be a 3D adventure in the Mass Effect universe including “cutting-edge” 3D technology and 4D effects. Live performers will also be involved as attendees visit planets and fight giant enemies.

Cedar Fair, the company behind California’s Great America, has 15 parks all over the US.

Let’s hope the ride doesn’t end with the ending to Mass Effect 3. The pain is just too hard to bear.

Source: BioWare

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