Esquire Network to produce live-action Beowulf series


Esquire Network has announced that it is working on a live-action Beowulf series, and it’s going to premiere in 2016. The last big Beowulf adaptation was the animated film by director Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future).

Starring as Beowulf is Kieran Bew (Da Vinci’s Demons), and he’ll be joined by William Hurt (Incredible Hulk), Joanne Whalley (Willow), Ed Speleers (Eragon) and David Ajala (The Dark Knight).

Beowulf will contain 13 episodes, following the warrior’s adventures while experiencing love and loss. The series was filmed all over England’s countryside and is produced by ITV Studios with Tim Haines, Katie Newman, and James Dormer as Executive Producers. Dormer (Strike Back) is also writing the series.

Synopsis: Based on the complex protagonist of a classic poem written between the eighth and tenth century, the story takes place in a mythological place, The Shieldlands, and challenges the notions of good and evil, heroes and villains, and the rule of law against one’s moral code. Balancing the light and dark of the characters’ inner and outer worlds, “Beowulf” celebrates the warmth and humor of a community pulling together despite the adversities that threaten their existence.

Top image from Da Vinci’s Demons and Beowulf movie

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