TwitchCon 2015: New features coming to XSplit


XSplit is one of the leading resources for streamers to be able to easily and professionally stream and take their channels to the next level. After talking to the CEO at TwitchCon, I can see why. XSplit is all about giving streamers of all skill levels the best tools available to allow them stream effectively and professionally.

If you are new to the company, XSplit has two main products directed to streamers: XSplit Gamecaster and XSplit Broadcaster. Both are very effective tools and designed to get you up and running as quickly as possible. Where they differ is in the features that are offered. Gamecaster is a great resource for new streamers as it offers a way to start streaming quickly and easily with very little setup. If offers basic features like webcam support, but has other limited features. XSplit Broadcaster offers a wide variety of features that include overlays, multi-webcam support, multi-channel support, and much more.

“We hope that streamers will be able to use Gamecaster to start out and graduate to Broadcaster as their stream grows,” XSplit CEO, Henrik Levring says.

One of the differences of XSplit, compared to some other resources, is that it is not open source. This can be good since it keeps the quality of features consistent, but it also can be limiting. However, that is not the case anymore. XSplit announced at TwitchCon that they are now offering the XSplit Plugin Framework. This will allow third party developers, or anyone with the ability, to create new features that they would like to see and offer them as plugins and extensions for other users to add.

“We just announced the [Plugin] Framework that will be open source and will basically allow developers to develop sources and extensions for XSplit. So hopefully lots of new and creative things will pop up,” says Levring.

Another feature that XSplit will be adding in the future is the support of global sources. Global sources are sources, independent of scenes, that start up and run continuously when the stream starts and turn off when the stream ends. By comparison, regular sources start and end when the scene changes. For sources like webcams and capture cards, this can be frustrating and create lag on your stream. XSplit wants to fix that in their system.

With the already awesome user interface, easy to use features, and quick start resources that XSplit offers, it seems as though things can only get better with these new added features.

Do you use XSplit? What are some of your streaming must-haves for your channel? Keep the conversation going in the comments below.

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