TwitchCon 2015: Knights of the Fallen Empire is pretty much Star Wars KOTOR 3


TwitchCon had its convention debut last weekend in San Francisco, CA, and although the event itself had a definite identity crisis, there was a small selection of game developers on hand showing off new games in attendance. In my opinion the biggest fish in this small pond was BioWare showing off the latest expansion for Star Wars The Old Republic titled Knights of the Fallen Empire.

In my conversation with longtime producer of the Old Republic, it is definitely more than just a coincidence that the title of the expansion is prefaced with the “Knights of…” label. In fact when I asked him if this can be considered a spiritual successor to the Knights of the Old Republic franchise, the answer was yes.

We had a chance to sit down and play about 15 minutes of the new expansion and talk to longtime BioWare producer Cory Butler. Having not played Star Wars the Old Republic since before it went free, I was admittedly a little behind the ball on all of the changes that have hit the game since free to play. As many people who play The Old Republic Online, I fell in love with Knights of the Old Republic franchise and have been waiting for over a decade. Although mechanically the Old Republic game is amazing and includes very similar elements to KOTOR, the level of storytelling, character defining choice making, and complexity in companion interaction was never quite on par to fellow BioWare RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic, Mass Effect, or Dragon Age. Granted as we have seen with Elder Scrolls online and various other MMORPGs, it is incredibly difficult to maintain the integrity of the single player experience when converting it to the MMO format.


One thing that Cory said that I found very interesting is that often what gamers say they want in a game and request in an update is very different than what the statistics and server data indicates. Very rarely do what the people say they want and what they are doing in the game match up, but what they saw was that gamers in the Old Republic were becoming more and more vocal about wanting a deeper role-playing experience in the campaign. Players want more control in decision making throughout the story, and more importantly, have those decisions hold real weight throughout the duration of the game, like how your companions treat you.

There has simply been no better time to play Star Wars: the Old Republic than now, especially for those of you craving KOTOR 3. The expansion will be a free addition to the game and include a free level 60 character, so you can right away jump into the game. Don’t get me wrong, this expansion cannot be expected to fill the role of a full KOTOR game in every aspect, but what is the risk for the players? The game is free… low risk and very high reward. The expansion will be released October 27th to the masses and truthfully I cannot wait to play more of Knights of the Fallen Empire.


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