PewDiePie announces tour dates for This Book Loves You


Pewds has announced the dates for the upcoming book tour for This Book Loves You. The Youtube star will release his first book next month and will visit several cities in the UK and the USA. Tickets are currently on sale at the pre-dated locations. Each ticket guarantees an advanced copy of the book along with a chance to meet the Baston of Brofist himself, PewDiePie.

You can check out the dates below:

United Kingdom:

London 10/18 –…
Leeds 10/24 –…
Manchester 10/25 –…


NYC 10/29 – :…
LA 10/30:…
San Francisco 11/1 –

The book officially releases on October 20th worldwide. You can check out a first look at the book in Pewd’s recent video entitled, “Modern Art.”

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