Heroes of Loot: Shooting dungeon exploring comes to the PS Vita

heroes-of-loot-ps-vita-screenshots-09-22-004By Xchel Monroy

Dungeon crawling with shooting mechanics… sounds great, right? Well, this popular mobile game is being brought to the PS Vita. It’s called Heroes of Loot, created by a one-man team by the name of OrangePixels.

This version of the game will include many fun and improved dungeons. This will have the same elements as its mobile predecessor. It has classes such as the Warrior (who shoots swords at enemies), Valkyrie (who throws daggers to dispatch her foes), Elf ( who can shoot fire arrows) and the Wizard (who can cast different  types of spells). Heroes of Loot will still contain its original gameplay aspects. These include permanent death as well as very unique and challenging dungeons. On top of these great features, you are also faced with bigger and better monster challenges as well as a chance to get rare and valuable loot.

Heroes of Loot is available for iOS, Steam, Android and PC. The game is now available on the PS Vita and is one game that is worth getting if dungeon exploration is your type of genre.

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