‘Beat’ Takeshi joins Yakuza 6

Yakuza 6

If you love Japanese gangster (Yakuza) flicks, then this name should be very familiar to you. If you don’t watch those kinds of movies, maybe you’ve seen Battle Royale and recognize him as one of the teachers. Or maybe you have seen the old G4 show, Takeshi’s Castle. Well, that person is “Beat” Takeshi Kitano, and he’s making his way into a new field, video games.

If you still don’t know who he is and how big he is, then picture this. He is the Clint Eastwood of the Japanese movie world. He is mostly known for his gritty and violent gangster films and is a known badass on screen. And he is doing what comes naturally to him, but it in a different platform.

Sega showed a small clip of Takeshi during its Tokyo Game Show stream. The clip shows a man with his back turned to us, and he says, “Hey, brotha. Finally we meet.” When he turns and we see a familiar face.

This game is set to release in Japan in 2016 but no specific date.

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