TruForce releasing limited edition Mega Man X figure at NYCC


TruForce Collectibles’ Designer Series Mega Man X figure is set to release in November first to Kickstarter backers, followed by a retail release for everyone else. However, if you are attending this year’s New York Comic-Con, you can pick up a limited edition variant figure a month before the regular version is even released.

TruForce Collectibles has dubbed the character ‘X-Kai’, an original character with a nice color scheme of black and gold which sort of looks like Mega Man’s rival, Bass. The figure contains the same 30+ points of articulation, die-cast shin, foot, and chest armor, and LED X-Buster and will retail for $89.99.

X-Kai is X’s evil counterpart developed by a mysterious man during the formation of the X-Hunters. He was given much higher specs than that of X and uses state-of-the-art technology.

TruForce has also announced that Kickstarter backers will have a chance to purchase the figure, but no information has been revealed yet.

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