Master Chief is a fallen hero in new Halo 5 commercial

The last time we saw Master Chief, he was onboard the UNSC ship Infinity. Since then, we’ve heard that he’s been branded a traitor, and that Commander Locke and his Fireteam Osiris are hunting him down. There hasn’t been much info surrounding what Chief has done, but I know we’ll find out more information the closer we get to the release of Halo 5. In this newest commercial released, we’re given the sad news that Master Chief has been in fact killed. According to the video, it’s not at the hands of Spartan Locke, but more at some mega-maniacal machine (reminded me of something from Man of Steel) that was destroying a city.

You can see the reaction of the population upon hearing the news of their fallen hero; everyone is deeply saddened. I was shocked at the report myself, but then again, I thought it could actually be a cover-up by ONI (Office of Naval Intelligence). Because Master Chief is such a symbol of hope for humanity, it would be disastrous if people were to know he was being hunted as a traitor. Spreading propaganda that Chief has died would be beneficial to keep their hunt under-wraps. Check out the commercial for yourself below.

It also leads me to wonder where the rest of Blue Team is, as they are right beside Chief on this journey. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can check out the opening cinematic to Blue Team below, which features Linda, Kelly and Fred. Those 3 Spartans have been with Master Chief since they were kids in the Spartan Program. They were only in the books and never in the games until now. Check it out below.

You can see in the trailer that time has taken its toll on Master Chief; he’s almost like an old man. How that will stack up against Spartan Locke, I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens. Hunt the truth on October 27, when Halo 5: Guardians hits stores for Xbox One.

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