David Ramsey defends Diggle’s ‘Magneto’ helmet in Arrow

arrow diggle magneto

Everybody seems to have a costume in the Arrow universe; everyone except for John Diggle. When the first photo popped up for Diggle’s new suit for the new season, fans were busy making fun of the helmet, since it looked like Magneto’s helmet from the X-Men series. A few even said he looked like an oversize microphone.

During an interview with TV Guide Magazine, David Ramsey, who plays Diggle, defends the costume. He reveals that there’s more to the suit, and that fans will not be thinking about Magneto once we see it in action.

“I like it. I know there’s a lot of criticism that it looks like the Magneto helmet. But by the time you see Diggle in action – we also get into what the helmet can do – you won’t be thinking of the X-Men at all. There is a very cool gun too. The gun and the helmet, by the way, are S.T.A.R. Labs creations.”

Season 4 of Arrow premieres in October on The CW.

Source: TV Guide via GreenArrowTV

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