Ridley Scott on Alien: Paradise Lost tying into Ripley and the origin of Xenomorph

ellen-ripley alien sigourney weaver

We all knew director Ridley Scott was working on the sequel to Prometheus, a movie that served as a prequel to the Alien series. With Scott revealing the new title for the sequel, Alien: Paradise Lost, it looks like he’s definitely getting closer to setting up the events of the first Alien film.

During an interview with Empire, Scott has said that the upcoming movie will link to Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver), the original Xenomorph and Neill Blomkamp’s Alien film.

“In a way it is ‘Prometheus 2,’ it’s exactly the same story,” Scott confirmed. “But it was always in the works to be called that [‘Alien: Paradise Lost’]. Is ‘Prometheus’ actually taking us off course from where I’m going, which is actually backing into the first ‘Alien’… I’ve even got connections with Ripley, but I’m not telling you what.”

Scott is going to explore more on why the Xenomorph was created, as we saw a prototype at the end of Prometheus.


“Years ago, I kept mulling over what ‘Alien 2′ could be, I was fiddling around with some ideas,” said Scott. “I was always fascinated with why this thing [the xenomorph] would be made, by whom, and for what purpose? The planet it was on – and I was looking at the dark side of the moon – would be called Paradise. Paradise is a very ominous word…”

Scott then said that Alien: Paradise Lost was meant to be released before Alien 5.

“I’m producing it,” he said of his role in Blomkamp’s sequel. “The design is for it to go out next, after this. This will go out first. It’s more associated with Ripley, it’s a completely different angle, it’s more of a sequel. I’m coming in from the back end.”

Alien: Paradise Lost is expected to start production in February with Noomi Rapace and Michael Fassbender reprising their roles as Shaw and David, respectively. The movie is set to be released in 2017.

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