Agents of Shield Season 2 Recap


In honor of the season 3 premiere, I thought it might be appropriate to take a look back at last season of Agents of SHIELD to give us a refresher of where we left off.

Season 2 picks up with the newly appointed Director Coulson scrambling to rebuild SHIELD. Hydra is still very much alive and the US Government is desperate to catch the remainder of SHIELD as well as Hydra. In the first episode, we are introduced to the four main story lines that the season follows in what becomes a season of secrets, deceit, metamorphosis, and recovery.

The first story line we see is the quest for the unknown 084 artifact. This storyline will cause Skye and Coulson to keep secrets from the rest of the team throughout the first half of the season as they believe it could hold the key the writing that Coulson is carving. This causes the major confirmation between SHIELD and Hydra. This also leads to the second storyline that takes Skye through a journey of discovery, not only of herself as she trains to become a field agent, but also her family and her ancestry. It is discovered she is an Inhuman – a descendant of a group of humans that were enhanced by an alien race known as the Kree. This leads to the takedown of a radical Inhuman faction lead by Skye’s mother and Skye taking on her new identity as an Inhuman. Coulson assigns her a secret mission and position: find others like her and recruit them for a secret team for her to lead.

In the meantime, in the first episode and the next few that follow, new team members are introduced. Mack, Hunter, and Bobbie join the team and it quickly becomes apparent that Mack and Bobbie are involved in their own mission, to overthrow Coulson and allow what they claim to be the “real” SHIELD. This SHIELD is made up of a number of high-ranking SHIELD agents that formed a committee after the fall and are determined to bring SHIELD back to its roots and do away with the secrecy and black ops. This culminates to a combined SHIELD with Coulson as the director and the others as a board to oversee his decisions.

The last but not less important storyline is the development of Fitz’s character. As he struggles to recover from the brain damage that was caused when he and Simmons escaped the container they were in when dropped into the ocean in Season 1, his character becomes stronger and more independent. He forms a bond with Mack which makes it even harder for him when Mack tries to overthrow Coulson, bringing back the pain of the deceit from Ward.

Season 2 ends with SHIELD being stronger than at the start and in a position to begin recruiting more “powered” people. Hydra is all but defeated and, as it seems, the US government backed off. If you have seen the opening for Season 3 that was released, then you know that it opens with another Inhuman being discovered and Skye’s team in motion. Season 3 looks like it is ready to kick things up and I join the many fans out there that are ready to see where the show goes.

Season 3 Agents of SHIELD starts September 29th at 9|8 c.

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