TwitchCon 2015: Day 1 recap

twitchcon 2015

As we approached the TwitchCon floors, it was already packed! It was an extremely busy first day at the first ever TwitchCon in the heart of San Francisco. With Twitch headquarters right around the corner, many broadcasters and fans gathered in its grand opening. From cosplayers to streamers, and even educational classes to make up this showcase, this event was different from the ordinary; it was eye-opening and very unique.

Hunter Pence/LetsGetLexi


The first stop we took upon was at one of the partner spotlights. It showcased San Francisco Giants’ Hunter Pence, alongside Alexis Cozomboldis. They shared their unique story about how they got where they are today. Hunter is an everyday player for the San Francisco Giants, and Alexis started out at IGN. And as their romance blossomed, so did their Twitch streams. Alexis started her own Twitch channel, LetsGetLexi. She would then collaborate with Hunter Pence and include him in her streams. Now, she’s launching a new brand that includes pineapples, as in, Team Pina’. This was a perfect example of a partnership that has compassionate quality entertainment and video games.

Kinda Funny

kinda funny greg miller

From the sure thing to stream, the boys at Kinda Funny mirrored their former colleague LetsGetLexi. However, their story was a little more unique. They actually started the idea way before Alexis and Hunter merged as partners. And now they’re happier and more successful than they have ever been. Four best friends with more than 30 years of media and entertainment experience gave it all up to pursue their new found passion. The fear never came across his mind as summarized by Tim Gettys, but they took a leap of faith and wanted to be their own boss. During the panel, they shouted out their astonishing subscription list total on YouTube. They also gained 30 more followers on Twitch just as they were presenting their 1-hour presentation. They basically said a lot of crap that made everyone laugh, including myself, in their panel. It was another class act by these ‘Kinda Funny’ guys, and it was freakin’ hilarious.

Classes to improve your Twitch stream


TwitchCon 2015 offered an extensive amount of classes to help improve your Twitch channel. I didn’t get a chance to go in any of them; however, with short lines and one-on-one guidance, the classes will be more popular as the years go by.

Virtual Reality


Project Morpheus may have changed its name, but that doesn’t mean that the augmented reality experience has to change as well. We got to try Overkill’s The Walking Dead as well as Samsung’s virtual reality, and they were extremely fun. My colleague told me the experience was totally different. “It was like a look into a future,” he stated. The lines were long for a game that wasn’t known outside of the con doors, but the experience was worthwhile.


street fighter v_cammy_vskill

It seemed as if the main floor was a mini E3. They showcased many games that weren’t even released yet such as, Street Fighter V and NBA 2K16. The lines were extremely short in these particular activities, and everyone playing these games seemed as if they were having a genuinely good time. Hearthstone players and League of Legend masters were able to play in the comfort of their own TwitchCon chair while bringing their poker faces, as there were playrooms in the convention.

Sea of Purple

The carpet, atmosphere, and the people were having a great time. The carpet was in purple and it had a sex appeal that catered to the masses. The atmosphere was electric. Each passing hour there were more people thrusting through the door, everyone seemed engaged and everyone was pre-occupied by an activity. As more people started to file in, the purple Twitch-shirt wearers blended in with the entire atmosphere that made everything look more angelic than it already was. It was a beautiful sight to see.

Die Merch Line, Die

As the wee hours started to gloom in, we noticed that the merchandise line was backed up, almost 15% of the conventions hall. I’m not a mathematician, but dang it, that line was pretty darn long. Many gamers were telling me that they were waiting for almost 3 hours just to get a t-shirt, and more than half of them were still waiting in line. I tried stepping back into the end of the line and I came across a sign that almost ruined my TwithCon experience. It read, ‘The line is capped for the day.” Luckily, there were other merchandises available for purchase.


We’ll see ya soon, TwithCon!


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