Can Twitch beat Dark Souls 2?

Dark Souls23

Dark Souls is a game that has always held a special spot in my repertoire of completed titles. It took nearly three weeks to finish the game on the first playthrough, including nights filled with frustration-induced tantrums that almost cost my PS3’s life to take an unexpected early turn into oblivion via a shoe.

A major achievement was reached when the chaos that is the Twitch chat finally completed Dark Souls. This may seem impossible to those who’ve been so brave as to complete this game, and it is unless you change it up a bit. So it may have included a bit of cheating, turning the title into a turn-based RPG rather than a title requiring hours of repetition just to learn a single boss fight so the bastard doesn’t one-shot you into oblivion with that goddamn overhead mace attack (still a bit salty).

Unlike Twitch’s famous Pokemon playthrough, some serious modding was done for this title to even have a fathomable winning outcome. Essentially, Twitch chat will vote or input random commands for our champion to follow, then pause the game and wait for more commands to be issued. After countless challenges such as walls, pools, and even ladders, the mods decided to change the rules a bit, so any progress could be made. It took six weeks, 43 days, but Gwyn, the Lord of Cinder, has been vanquished.

Dark Souls2

A new adventure now begins as Twitch chat embarks on the massive world that is Dranglaic. Currently less than a day in, it’s the perfect time to get in on this phenomenon.

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