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With the two-hour premiere of FOX’s Scream Queens, there are a lot of theories already going around about who is this Red Devil going around killing practically everyone. We decided to break down the possibilities of the killers.

What we know about the 1995 death: 

  • The death in the Kappa house was in 1995 when Waterfalls by TLC was popular
  • The giant baby was born in the tub by a freshman named Sophia who later bleeds to death
  • There were four girls (Coco, Anna, Mandy, Bethany)  in the bathroom with the deceased pledge – three blondes and one brunette.
  • The pledge who died was a freshman
  • Rumor is Mrs. Bean reported it to the Associate Dean at the time – Dean Munsch
  • Five last names… there were five girls in that bathroom: screamqueens

Let’s talk about the characters… 

Chanel #1 Oberlin (Emma Roberts): Her father is a rich man (and largest donor to the university) with power who spoiled her but never truly loved her. She has a horrible boyfriend who is only with her because she’s popular. She is the president of Kappa and wants to be a famous news anchor in the future.

Chanel #2 (Ariana Grande): She is obsessed with social media and tweets before she is killed by the Red Devil.

Chanel #3 (Billie Lourd): She always wears earmuffs (which could also be a listening device) and has HPV.

Chanel #4 (unknown): Got meningitis and went home where she died.

Chanel #5 (Abigail Breslin): She is obsessed with Chanel #1 and her reputation. She goes as far to threatening Boone if he messed with Chanel. At the same time, Chanel #5 gets mad when Chanel #1 tells her off. You can tell by her face.

Ms. Bean (Jan Hoag): Maid to Kappa. Has been with Kappa since 1995 and knows about the birthing death. Friends with the Dean. Hates Chanel. Dies by Chanel #1 by being burned to death in the face by hot oil. The body was not in the meat locker when Chanel went back.

Dean Munsch (Jamie Lee Curtis): Dean of the school. Alumni to the school. She’s not a lesbian. Her husband left her for a younger woman two years ago. She bribes young men who are on academic probation to sleep with her. She hates sororities, especially Kappa. She was involved in the 1995 Kappa pregnancy death. She has a thing for Professor Gardner and seems to be watching his every move. She takes Kappa PERSONALLY and wants to take her down.

Melanie Dorkess: President of Kappa last spring before Chanel became president. She was killed by acid being spray tanned on her body after Melanie did not allow her to get on her plane for spring break. Chanel set up the spray tan for her.

Gigi Caldwell (Nasim Pedrad): President of the national chapter of Kappa Kapp Tau and lawyer from a fourth tier law school in the Caribbean. She is stuck in the 1990s because of an incident that left her traumatized. She sees a shrink. She knows 1995 music really well. She makes the suggestion to accept everyone who pledges. Has a thing for Professor Gardner.

Professor Wes Gardner (Oliver Hudson): A college professor. Widower. Makes music playlists for everything. Overprotective of his daughter Grace. Team Edward. He doesn’t want her joining a sorority. Has a 1995 music track – he is Mr. Playlist.

Grace Gardner (Skyler Samuels): Mother was a sorority sister of Kappa. Mother died when she was two. Some photos of her mother burned in a fire. She joins Kappa to be closer to her mother.

Zayday Williams (Keke Palmer): Genius who wants to become the first black president. Raised by her grandmother. She was roommates with Grace in the dorms before joining the sorority.

Hester “Neckbrace” Ulrich (Lea Michele): Has scoliosis and is required to wear a neckbrace. History major who knows the history of Kappa. Really wants to be in Kappa. She knows a lot about how to dispose of a body and death ever since her father died. She calls the Chanels ‘Mom’. She is desperate to fit in.

Tiffany “Deaf Taylor Swift” (Whitney Meyer): She is deaf and is obsessed with Taylor Swift. She is desperate to be in Kappa and dies after being run over.

Sam “Predatory Lez” (Jeanna Han): Lesbian and feminist.

Jennifer (Breezy Eslin): Brought in by the Dean, she is an awkward candle vlogger with no friends. She is a sophomore.

Chad Radwell (Glen Powell): Chanel’s on and off boyfriend who is sleeping around with people. He may be in love with the Dean because he has mommy issues. He’s a psych major and president of the Dickie Dollar Scholars Frat. He is also the most popular guy on campus. Has a BIG ego. Loves everything regarding the dead and gets turned on by it.

Boone (Nick Jonas): Gay member of the Dickie Dollar Scholars. Best bro to Chad and may be in love with him. He wants to come out and join Kappa, until he was “killed off” but was found alive and working with the Red Devil.

Pete Martinez (Diego Boneta): Sophomore who works at the Grind House and is an investigative reporter for the university paper. He had a thing for Chanel his freshman year after she led him on. He has resentment over Chanel and her sorority. He is also the Red Devils mascot, so he owns the costume. He tries to stop Grace from joining the sorority and saw the girls carry out Ms. Bean’s body. He tends to get a bit passionate about things. He gets his head hit by the Red Devil, but is not killed – just told to mind his own business.

Denise Hemphill (Niecy Nash): The worst security guard ever who runs more than she protects. Her partner is killed and she goes nuts.

What we know about the killer:

  • Red Devil costume – the school’s mascot
  • Tall, male build or just tall
  • Owns an iPhone
  • People we’ve met already
  • Wrote: screamqueens

Who died so far:

  • Sophia (pregnant girl in the beginning)
  • Chanel #4 (before the show)
  • Melanie Dorkess (before the show)
  • Mrs. Bean
  • Chanel #2
  • Deaf Taylor Swift
  • Shondell


It is a group effort. There is not just ONE killer. Ryan Murphy tweeted that you’ve met THEM.

Boone: We already know he’s working with the Red Devil and faked his own death. He also knows the Red Devil really well.

Wes: He makes party mixes like the Kapp Kapp Tau Party Mix from 1995. He is also protective of Grace and would do anything to protect her. He hates sororities, even though his wife was a sorority girl.

Pete: He hates Chanel and everything her sorority stands for. He has access to the Red Devil and smiled when Grace accused him. That’s basically it.

Chad: He loves death and corpses. He also has so much power on campus. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was able to recruit Boone to help him. He also was not part of the group that found Boone “dead”.

Dean Munsch: She hates the sorority so much and has this issue with millennials. She has motive and she’s tall like the killer. She also has access to the Red Devil costume.

Neckbrace: She knows too much about death and is desperate to fit in. She may be trying to move up the Chanel food chain or she’s not who she says she is. That neckbrace may not be real.

Chanel #5: You can just tell she hates Chanel or is obsessed with her. She may just want to become the top dog.

Gigi: She worked so hard to make sure Kappa Kappa wasn’t shut down and accepted all recruits. She may be targeting Grace or the sorority in general because of some traumatic event that happened in 1995. She sees a shrink… which could mean she could be pretending to be “Gigi” and actually be one of the four surviving girls from the bathroom.

Possible collaborations:

Boone, Chanel #5, Pete: We all know Boone is part of the act after he “came back to life”. He is working with someone. With the way Chanel #5 and Boone were fighting, you would think they were working together to bring Chanel #1 down. Pete also wants to bring Chanel #1 down, so they have a shared interest.

Wes, Dean, Boone: He may want revenge against the trauma of his dead wife (if she was the pregnant girl in the tub). Creator Ryan Murphy said that Wes may have lied about Grace’s mother, but I don’t know if he’d lie about her age her whole life. I’m not sure how he would get Boone part of his clique, but he does have motive for trying to get Grace to NOT join the sorority. Plus, he made himself the professor! I also believe the Dean is in love with him, that’s why she let him become the professor and watched him.

Chad, Boone, Dean: Chad loves death. So if he loves death so much, he probably loves killing. Boone is his best bro. He’d do anything for him. When the Red Devil came to Boone, Boone looked at him nonchalantly.

Chanel #3 and #5, Boone: The other two Chanels seems sick of Chanel. They are the ones who decided to bury the recruits in the ground where the Red Devil happened to run them over.

Grace, Wes: Father-Daughter team to take down the sorority.

Boone, Neckbrace, Chanel #5: Neckbrace knows TOO much about death and killing NOT to be a killer. She may have been influenced by Boone (because she is desperate for love) and Chanel #5 and Boone know that and use that for their advantage.

Dean, Boone: She hates the sorority and knows their secrets. She may want to have revenge against Grace’s mom, because she wants to keep Grace on campus. Boone hates Chanel. They would make a great team.

Chanel #1, Boone: It could had been her this entire time trying to put the blame of the deaths on the Dean.


What are your thoughts? Who do you think the killers are? Scream Queen airs Tuesdays on FOX.

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