Actors reciting music lyrics as Shakespeare on social media for #15secondshakespeare


Updated 9/24/15: Added Neil Gaiman, Arthur Darvill, Phil LaMarr, and Phill Lewis

There is this amazing viral trend going around among actors and it’s glorious. Actors are challenging each other to recite musical lyrics as Shakespearean words. Actors include Minnie Driver, Sherlock’s Amanda Abbington, Karen Gillan, Stephen Moyer, Undateable’s David Fynn, and many more. It keeps growing due to the nominations as well.

It started when casting director Amy Hubbard nominated several actors.

And then it exploded from there.

Now that it has gone viral among actors, Fynn has asked that it be for charity in the efforts for the refugee crisis.

Check the 15 seconds of Shakespeare below:


Some actors did theme songs:

Winners definitely go to Casualty’s Mark Bonnar and voice actor Christopher Johnson for their rendition of Psy’s Gangam Style and Silento’s Watch Me.


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