Markiplier gives emotional update on hiatus

markiplier hiatus

In case you missed it last week, the YouTube community were stunned by the sudden death of Cyndago’s Daniel Kyre. Kyre, along with Matt Watson and Ryan Magee, were frequent collaborators with Mark Fischbach aka Markiplier. It was only earlier this year that the group decided to move out to Los Angeles with Fischbach, in the hopes of more collaborations. Since Kyre’s passing, both Markiplier and Cyndago have ceased activity on YouTube with little to no information on when they would return.

On Sunday, Mark posted a message on his official facebook about Kyre and how the two had come to be friends over the past two years.

“It’s taken me a long time to find the words to properly express how I feel about this tragedy. As many of you know by now, Daniel Kyre has passed away after an apparent suicide attempt. I know everyone will say that we can’t blame ourselves for this loss, but that doesn’t stop the lingering thoughts in the back of our minds from creeping in. Time will silence those demons but for right now I would like to remember the man that inspired me so much.

About 2.5 years ago I received an email from Cyndago. In that email, they expressed a strong desire to collaborate with me after watching many of my videos. They thought that my voice would be the perfect fit as a narrator on a new horror/comedy sketch. You might remember that sketch as Danger in Fiction.

After that video launched I couldn’t get enough of working with these amazing young men, Daniel and Ryan. I just HAD to take a full week to drive down and work with these 2, and during that trip I saw first-hand the ENDLESS enthusiasm and drive they had for creating. Most of the time it was raw and crude, but it was still burning with a fiery intensity.

I could fill a book with the experiences we had together since then but now is not the time for that. For now, I will say that the fire they lit in my heart still burns strong today. And though we are all lost in grief I will forever remember Daniel as the amazingly talented and dedicated man I always knew.

daniel kyreAn incredible musician. A perfectionist to the extreme. A great friend. Daniel, I miss you more than words can say and I never had the proper chance to tell you how much I enjoyed working with you. How much I enjoyed learning from you. How much I enjoyed spending time with you. I hope you knew.

And to Ryan and Matt, I know that this tragedy won’t stop us from creating. Though Cyndago may have ended, Markiplier will continue on. And I will support the both of you in EVERYTHING you wish to do. Until the end of our days, I will support you. And together, I know that we will make something amazing again.

Thank you all for taking the time to read this long post. This wound is still very fresh in our hearts so please give us time. When we return, we will return strong. And we will never forget the man who inspired us to expect more of ourselves.

I’ll miss you, Daniel.”

Fischbach recently posted a video giving more information on the current status of himself as well as the other members of Cyndago. As it stands now, they have all returned home and are recuperating alongside their families. Fischbach states that he will return along with Matt and Ryan, even though it appears that Cyndago will not longer continue without Daniel.

There is no currently no date set, but Fischbach reaffirms that they will return and will even do a livestream in honor of Daniel’s memory.

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