Videogame BANG! Episode 101: Live at SacAnime

videogame bang

What’s Up Pizzas’?! A few weeks back at SacAnime, the VGB crew got the opportunity to record the show live in front of a studio audience at SacAnime. We had a fantastic turnout, met a lot of awesome fans and passed out loads of free stuff to the good people of Sacramento! This episode was more of a Q&A session where the BANG! GANG! answered any and all questions that got thrown our way.

Special thank you goes out to SacAnime for the opportunity, as well as everyone who showed up and asked a question, or sat in and had a great time with us. The last few weeks have been pretty awesome for the VGB team and we look forward to this weekend’s Videogame BANG! LIVE.. See you this weekend on Saturday night at 9pm PST

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