E-40 Choices (Yup) Cosplay Parody Rap Video


Nerd Reactor and Videogame BANG! were at SacAnime last month and the Sacramento Cosplay community showed up in full effect!

We were able to cherry pick some of our favorites to shoot this video, which is a parody rap song we produced ourselves to pay homage to the best bay area rapper of all time, E-40. Special thank you goes out to the guest appearances in the video we got from Andre from Black Nerd Comedy and International Italian Cosplayer Giada Robin for taking time out of their busy schedules to make this video happen.

Also local cosplayers RayGunnz Cosplay, Happily Ever Jenna, Loki Hates You, ThorTV, The Power Rangers (Trent Brewer, Michael Vasquezz, Lisa Gurlinn and Wynton Stayton), and many more whom we will tag soon!

We hope you enjoy the video!

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