Toys ‘R’ Us to restock older amiibo including Villager and Little Mac


It looks like a few of the older amiibo will be in stock soon, according to some information gathered by Amiibo Alerts on Twitter. Toys “R” Us’ system shows that Little Mac, Captain Falcon, Lucario, and Villager will be restocked in store possibly soon. You can see the images below.

TRU has around 80,000 Villlagers coming in, and a bit over 26,000 Lucarios, Little Macs, Fox and Captain Falcons. You are likely to see them at others stores, well except for Lucario which is a TRU-exclusive amiibo.

If you are missing any of these harder-to-find amiibo, it’s a great chance to finally pick them up without having to pay a hefty price on the aftermarket.

Also, if you missed out on last week’s wave 5 of the Super Smash Bros. amiibo release, you are in luck as currently has them in stock minus the store-exclusive Bowser Jr. (Toys “R”Us) and Dr. Mario (Target).

GameStop is offering a bundle which include Ganondorf, Zero Suit Samus, Olimar and the 30th Anniversary Mario Classic amiibo for $51.96, which you can find here . If you are only looking for certain amiibo or two, GameStop has them up for sale individually on their website currently except for the Mario Classic.


Source: Amiibo Alerts

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