Exclusive: ‘The Returned’ season two character images are absolutely haunting


SundanceTV’s hit original series The Returned is coming back to the small screen this Halloween.

The first episode of season two premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival last week with positive reviews, leaving fans anticipating the premiere. The trailer and photos have been released revealing what’s to come this season, including some freaky moments with the returned. In anticipation for the premiere, SundanceTV sent us an exclusive look into some of the characters this season.

The chilling thriller takes place in a French mountain town, where the dead are returning to their homes with no recollection of ever dying. For some, it has been many years since they have been dead and have returned to their loved ones who have moved on. The returned struggle to reintegrate with their families and past lives, but there are too many secrets and mysteries that pop up.

According to the official synopsis, the second season picks up ‘six months after the deceased gathered outside the Helping Hand shelter before disappearing into the mountains with Simon (Pierre Perrier), Camille (Yara Pilartz), her mother, Claire (Anne Consigny), Julie (Céline Sallette) and the mysterious youngster Victor (Swann Nambotin). Since then, nothing has been heard of them or the police who fought to protect the Helping Hand shelter’s residents.  In present day, Adèle (Clotide Hesme) is about to give birth to Simon’s child, part of the town is still flooded and the dam remains under surveillance, with the army providing logistical support for those residents who have chosen to stay.  Rumors abound that the dead have returned, but the authorities refuse to believe them. The rare witnesses have chosen to remain silent or are not taken seriously, among them Léna (Jenna Thiam) and her father Jérôme (Frédéric Pierrot), who have not given up hope of finding Claire and Camille. But when a mysterious man named Berg (Laurent Lucas) pays a visit to the town, it appears he knows more than he claims.’

Check out the images below of this season’s character photos. They look absolutely haunting.

The Returned second season will premiere on October 31st at 10pm on SundanceTV. To give the viewers a chance to catch up on the series, SundanceTV will air a marathon of season one back-to-back on Sunday, October 18th beginning at 6am.

Photo credit: Jean-Claude Lother

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