Corsair teams up with MSI for badass GTX 980 Hydro Cooled Graphics Card


While water cooling CPUs are becoming more and more common practice, we are also seeing lately many PC gaming enthusiasts applying these same cooling methods to GPUs as well. Kits have become available online for conversion of graphics cards to liquid cooling, but for many the risk of damaging these often very expensive components and voiding that ever so important warranty far outweighs the benefit of the overclock benefits possible. If only a company that has a history of selling high-end liquid cooling systems would team up with another company known for making top-quality graphics cards to make an all-in-one product that allows virtually anyone with a screwdriver to achieve GPU overclocking god status… Oh wait… That just happened!

Rarely do we see two respected companies put their chips together like this. The business mentality, bureaucracies, greed and red tape often rob consumers of things like this happening. I was able to talk to Corsair about this team up, and whether it was difficult to come to terms with MSI. The answer was a resounding no:

“…we frequently work together (with MSI) on joint validation of our memory and then the graphics cooling products. Both companies wanted to bring the benefits of liquid cooling to users so we joined forces. Our joint liquid cooled graphics cards came together quickly and easily”.

Essentially we are getting MSI’s GeForce GTX 980 Ti graphics card mixed with Corsairs H55 hydro cooling system in one easy-to-install package. Having installed a Corsair cooling system in the past, I can one-hundred percent vouch for the quality and silence of their cooling systems. The MSI GeForce 980Ti is a highly respected graphics card that has received nearly perfect tech and consumer reviews. Mixing these two products together, Corsair is reporting that the MSI graphics card runs 30% cooler on their hydro system which equates to about 20% boost in clock speed and 15% in actual graphics performance.


Corsair has been making PC hardware for such a long time and we have yet to see them get into the GPU game. I asked the Corsair representative: Knowing you have been in the hardware game this long, what was the event that finally made you to get into the GPU game?

“The development of our small form factor Bulldog PC spurred us to develop a better graphics card solution with MSI. The Bulldog PC is designed for 4K gaming in the living room so it has to be powerful, compact, and quiet. To squeeze that level of graphics performance in a console chassis without sounding like a hair dryer the graphics card has to be liquid cooled. We created Hydro GFX to give our customers an integrated liquid cooled card that is ready to install.”

Often seen as a luxury, liquid cooling reaps so many benefits to your PC hardware. Heat is what kills components over time, so reducing said heat leads to your equipment lasting longer. What blows my mind as a consumer is the pricing here… The cost of the MSI graphics card on its own is about $680 on most sites. The price of the H55 cooling system is $60. Individually if you add the two items together you are spending $740 for the kit, and that is not including the labor and other pieces you need to make the GPU’s cooling system compatible. Corsair has stated in the form of press release that the Hydro GFX – GeForce GTX 980 Ti card will MSRP at $740. If you were planning on overclocking your GTX 980 with liquid cooling, Corsair and MSI are basically offering to do the work for you at no cost and you can keep your precious warranty… Less time modifying your PC and more time playing games.

My final question for Corsair was in regards to the price. Although this product is well priced for what you get, I wanted to know if we can expect to see more affordable, consumer-grade versions of this graphics card in the future:

“We actively participate in the PC enthusiast communities. If users want other options, we’re listening!”

So there you have it.. Corsair continues its trend of listening to the community and using strategic partners to achieve awesome products. We saw this with Corsair teaming up with team Dignitas and we are seeing it again with MSI. Who would you like to see Corsair partner up with next?

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