Persona 5 delayed until summer 2016


While a new trailer was released showcasing more of Persona 5’s gameplay and story at Tokyo Game Show, Persona series chief director Katsura Hashino also released a bit of bad news announcing the game has been delayed until Summer 2016.

The game was originally set to be released worldwide this winter on the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3, but Hashino mentioned that while development of the game is still on track, the development team decided to further tune up the gameplay in order to meet fan’s expectations. Hashino also mentioned that he wanted to take advantage of the large amount of space to create Persona 5 and make it the largest game in terms of volume than previous games. Since Persona 5 is being developed for both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, fans can expect to really enjoy the game with some of the new gameplay elements.

Persona 5 looks great from this new trailer, which showcases the in-game graphics, anime cutscenes, characters, and a few of the Personas. There’s also the “stealing of hearts,” which is done by sneaking into one’s heart in phantom thief-like fashion (hence the masks), which will play a big role in the game’s story.

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