Capcom announces the Capcom Fighting Network


By Xchel Monroy

Capcom has made an announcement of the latest character, Karin, for Street Fighter V. At TGS, the video game company has yet revealed a great service that is sure to make fighting games more efficient online and offline.

Capcom Fighting Network (CFN) is a new network fighting program that will be implemented into Street Fighter V. It’s being described as a “heat map” system.  This will allow users to see up-to-date world matches, replays, and players who are competing.

Capcom has gone into some specifics of the features, like an improved way of designating players based on skill level. You are also able to send requests to friends online, search and watch replays from all over the world, and not to mention, check out patch updates and tournaments. This is just a taste of things to come.

This looks like a promising way for fighting games to be better improved on. CFN is a great idea from Capcom, but only time will tell if this new program will be productive in the future for fighting games in general.

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