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It was not long ago that Corsair announced their brand new VOID headphones to the masses at Gamescom in Germany just last month. Corsair is most well-known by PC enthusiasts for making high-end gaming components but more recently they have been making waves in the gaming peripheral market. We have seen incredible growth in their quality in mechanical keyboards and mice, but one product that Corsair has seemed to struggle with were their headphones. I’ll be the first to admit that I was not at all a fan of the Corsair Wireless H2100 headphones. Corsair is once again proving that they are not afraid of listening to feedback and coming back stronge



The design of the VOID Wireless RGB headphones, specifically when compared to the H2100 or any other gaming headsets in the same price range is where Corsair made their biggest improvements. The angled shape of the over ear cups mixed with the lush memory foam padding make this headset incredibly comfortable for extended use. They also applied a nice chunk of foam to the crown of the headset, for the top of your head that was amazingly soft. As bulky as these headphones are, they remain very light. Unlike many gaming headsets I have owned in the past, I went over six hours of constant use right out of the box and there was no “break in” period. From the packaging to my head for six plus hours with absolutely no fatigue or discomfort. In fact I had the feeling I could have easily worn them for even longer. The problem for me with the VOID Wireless headset is that I tend to wear my headphones a lot with one ear on and the other one off while not in a match, the shape of the cup and loose squeeze of the band made it a bit awkward for me to do this. I had to choose between all the way on or all the way off since the headphones are also a bit too large to just leave wrapped around my neck. Also, I have a rather large head as far as headphones are concerned and the cans fit me perfect at about half extension of the band with plenty of room left. For reference I asked my normal-head-sized wife to try them on and they did fit her on the lowest setting. I think Corsair could have also afforded to increase the amount of “head squeeze” by about 20% and still kept their great comfort. They wiggle quite a bit with sudden head turns, and did slide all over my head when I was fishing under my table for dropped Doritos. Again the custom programmable RGB LED lighting on the cans and the status light indicators on the boom microphone add to the floss factor. I brought these headphones to a few LAN parties already and they are definitely eye catching. I intentionally did not mention the headphones to see if anyone would ask me about them and sure enough my LEDs that I had set to the “Rainbow” preset sparked quite a bit of positive attention.

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Sound and Features

The new VOID headphones again improved leaps and bounds from its predecessors as far as fidelity and features go, but not as much as I’d hoped. The VOID headphones are using single 50mm drivers, just like the H2100, and the frequency response is eerily similar as well. Whenever single driver headphones boast the latest Dolby surround sound capabilities I am very skeptical. My skepticism ended up being justified. The surround sound was good in the depth of field front, back, left and right. Things got muddled in the in-between directions. I felt like I had enough surround sound quality to know where gunfire and enemies were coming from, but beyond that if I closed my eyes I was not mentally teleported to the middle of a convincing warzone. Those big drivers do a great job with bass at the expense of some of some of the clarity at higher frequencies. The saving grace for the VOID headphones is the ease of use and customization capabilities of the Corsair CUE software. The equalization presets are not bad at all, and the option is there to dig further and fine tune your equalization preferences. On paper the specs of the drivers in the VOID match many of its competitors which really equates to the audio quality being better or worse than the others is all software. Although this particular headset has a lot of features and fancy LED indicators, they aren’t very intuitive. The VOID headphones use 2.4 GHz wireless band and I found the range very impressive. I was able to get clear sound while even further out from the advertised 40 foot range. Using the headphones is plug and play, actually knowing what everything does and what all the lights mean will take some time reading the manual. The boom is noise canceling, but not removable. The Mic audio is also pretty crushed down and sounds like you are talking through an AM radio. Most people only use their headphones online over IP so the dip in mic quality will go unnoticed, but if you are a Twitch streamer or hoping to record commentary on YouTube videos, this is not the headset for you.


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Final Reaction

The VOID Wireless RGB is a giant leap of improvement from past Corsair headphones, but still quite far from establishing themselves as a high-end, must-have gaming headset. The major selling point here is their comfort for extended use and how awesome they look. Audio quality of the cans and mic are just what you would expect from any other consumer-grade wireless headphones in this price range. I would have also liked to see more attention to detail in the presentation of the VOID wireless headphones. Braided cabling or a carrying pouch would have been a nice touch because as I mentioned, I did take these to a few LAN parties and their bulky size of the headset itself, the small USB dongle, and inability to fold made them not very travel friendly. These are a single purpose headset. They are not made for travel or audio recording for Twitch streams; they are made for long sessions of comfortable online gaming and not much else.
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Rating: 3/5 Atoms

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