Meet Street Fighter V’s newest fighter, Rashid


During the Games 15 event held in Dubai, Capcom announced the second original character joining the Street Fighter V roster, and his name is Rashid “of the Turbulent Wind.”

Rashid is the first Middle Eastern fighter to join the main Street Fighter series. His fighting style is based off of parkour, and he can also harnesses the power of the wind to create wind projectiles as well as incorporate it into his attacks.

In the official character trailer below, we see that Rashid can roll, which lets him close gaps between him and his opponents while being able to get under other projectiles. Other moves available are that he can create a mini hurricane that locks an opponent down to create mix ups, anti-air an opponent with a multi-hitting uppercut technique, and quickly cross up opponents by jumping off walls and activating a quick dash attack.

Rashid also comes equipped with what looks like a Dragon Ball Scouter, but I’m not too sure what use that would have.

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