Jurassic World named most mistake-ridden film of 2015 so far

Audiences flocked to Jurassic World in droves this year, making it the top grossing movie of 2015 so far and the third highest-grossing movie of all time (not adjusted for inflation) behind Avatar and Titanic. Of course, with a big movie like this filled with all the moving parts, there’s bound to be some oversights. Well, apparently, there were a lot. According to MovieMistakes.com, Jurassic World contained the most mistakes, gaffes, plot holes, and continuity errors out of any other movie this year so far.

Obviously, I say ‘so far’ because there are still three and a half months left in 2015. But, typically, this title goes to a Summer blockbuster; more special effects, stunts, performers and sets mean that more can go wrong. There’s also a small chance a Fall movie can top Jurassic World in this category considering it’s the season when the most critically acclaimed, well-directed, and tightly edited films premiere.

MovieMistakes.com documented a total of 18 mistakes in the film. Some of these are undisputed errors due to carelessness. The site notes that, “Claire finds the cell phone with the broken screen, picks it up, and when she’s about to put it down, the screen is fixed.” Other points they bring up aren’t necessarily mistakes, but are highly implausible situations nonetheless. The site points out a now infamous aspect of the movie. “It is a physical impossibility for a woman (or anyone else) to sprint cross-country and engage in all manner of strenuous, panic-driven activity while wearing 4-inch high heels. But, after scrambling for her life from I-Rex, velociraptors and pterodactyls for a full 40 minutes of screen time, Claire is still wearing 4-inch high heels when she releases the T-Rex.”

Terminator Genisys, Mad Max: Fury Road, Ant-Man and Tomorrowland round out the top 5 movies on the list in that order.

So, it seems ‘attention to detail’ might not be included in a recipe for success after all.

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