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As a Long Beach resident, I always looks forward to when Long Beach Comic Con or Expo comes to town. This year was certainly no exception.

It was immediately obvious that LBCC had grown exponentially in attendance this year. As I arrived with some of the other NR boys at 11 am on Saturday morning, we all remarked about the amount of people already at the convention center. It’s definitely that largest amount of people I’ve seen at this particular convention and I’ve been attending since I relocated to Long Beach in 2012. Kudos to the dozens of volunteers for keeping everything organized.

IMG_6434The convention floor was insanely crowded this year, so it was more difficult than in previous years to navigate through the masses, but the layout itself was far more organized than in previous years. Vendors were shifted to one side of the floor and even further separated by the type of items they sold. Comic book vendors were in one area, toy and action figure vendors in another, for example. Artists, of course, were in Artist Alley and professional cosplayers could be found in Cosplay Corner. There was also a large space of empty tables where attendees could enjoy various card games. There was something for everyone to enjoy this year. NASA, the Planetary Society, and the Columbia Memorial Space Center were even in attendance for space junkies and tiny robot battles for engineering buffs!

The festivities outside the convention center were excellent as well. A row of vehicles from some of your favorite films could be found, including a Jurassic Park Jeep and the Ghostbusters‘ ECTO-1. Opposite them, several food trucks were camped out to serve attendees.

It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that the cosplay this year was outstanding. From Mad Max to Ghostbusters, Jurassic World to Star Wars, attendees did an fantastic job celebrating their favorite pop culture comics, television shows, and films. The commitment of cosplayers always impresses me, but this year especially so given the weather. Southern California has been in the midst of a heat wave and temperatures were in the 90s. The proximity to the beach added a level of humidity that was wildly uncomfortable and I saw people walking around in full prosthetics, latex, and even fur. That’s dedication.

Check out for our music video from LBCC to see some of the amazing cosplays that were roaming the convention center!

See you next year, LBCC!

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